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Chef Alyssa and her sus chef
Chef Alyssa and her sus chef

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Yam Sai Bua
Yam Sai Bua

Lotus stems salad with toasted coconut slices and chili,lime dressing

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Stir fry sliced lotus roots with chicken, cashew nuts and chili jam sauce

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Thai Cooking with a Twist, cooking classes with Chef Alyssa Han, close to the old town of Bangkok Riverside area, The Market Experiences 

Our morning cooking class combines classic Thai cooking with a creative twist. As we are located in the  Bangkok Flower Market, we will use an ingredient that we can buy in the market. These include fruits, vegetables and of course edible flowers!

By the end of the class, we hope you will have the confidence to cook your own tasty Thai food and adapt it based on the ingredients you will find at home.

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FAB-A Flower Fun (making Malai and Phad-Thai) with Chef Alyssa Han


The fun afternoon of making a garland, AKA-Malai in Thai, and cooking Phad, AKA-stir fried dish in Thai at the chef's cooking studio inside Bangkok Flower Market. We will visit Bangkok Flower Market, which is the oldest and biggest flower, food and fruits market in Bangkok. This is where we bring the stories of the market to life and use its fresh, colorful produce – flowers, fruits, and vegetables – to create delicious, innovative Thai dish and make art of flowers in 2-3 hours from 2pm-5pm.

Food And Arts Getaways at the mountains of KeangKraChan, Petchaburi  

Food and Arts is a weekend getaways for 2 days to the mountain of KaengKrachan. You will enjoy your weekend (Saturday and Sunday), 2.5 hours driving out to the mountains of KeangKraChan, Petchaburi province. The first day will provide you a workshop of "Arts of Survival by BangkokFirstAid/Yoga/Qigong Martial Art"; depending on the availability of the instructor. Sunday is KaengKrachan Ecotourism (see the subpage) with a market visit and activity at the village of ecotourism

Our partners

Kids Eco-friendly Getaways (Open for the group of families during the school break)

Want a fabulous experience in peaceful nature, wide-open spaces with fantastic weekend trips for the kids and families!!!

FAB-A organizes eco-activities ranging from preparing mouth-watering coconut ball desserts to the secrets of making spring rolls, preparing seed bombs to catapult back into the natural vegetation and enjoying the beautiful sand-based river and a huge bonfire!

Kids Eco-friendly Trip

is eco-friendly getaways for families and kids to enjoy learning eco-farming, cooking with arts at the beautiful nature and wildlife animals of KaengKraChan, Petchaburi province,3 hours drive from Bangkok.

We provide the different types of kid's activities but mainly teaching kids to love nature and how to live and survive by either camping or living in the cottages and learning from local villagers. Family's getaways with a small group from 10 people to a bigger group of the families at the villages; please Contact Us earlier in advance.

ครอบครัวคนไทยที่จะเข้าร่วมกิจกรรมกับครอบครัวชาวต่างชาติ มีรายละเอียดที่นี่ค่ะ

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