Want to Learn languages with food and market experiences!!!!

FAB-A organizes event of language, culture, and culinary cooking launching soon!!! Activities are mainly conducted in 4 hours of the basic conversation of Thai/Mandarin/English while you will also enjoy market visit and cooking with Chef Alyssa Han.

You will not only learn the basic speaking Thai/Mandarin/English with the professors from educational schools in Bangkok but also learning different cultures of Thai/Chinese/Western people through the conversational during a meal after cooking and dining in family style.


Chef table is coming soon at the flower market in Bangkok

Learning Thai language while cooking with the chef

You will learn the language with Thai professor while having a market visit and cooking with Chef Alyssa Han

Coming soon with learning Thai Language with Thai cooking to introduce the real culture!

One class takes around 5 hours in total. Chef Alyssa Han and her father, Dr. Somporn Han,the senior professor from Bangkok Thonburi University, will teach you the basic conversation in Thai; market visit knowing how to buy food and its ingredients, then cooking Thai favorite menus  


A Private Thai language and cooking classes are flexible as you can choose the date and time on weekdays( Monday-Friday), you can choose; the morning class(10am to 2pm), the afternoon class(2pm to 6pm)as well as the recipes


The price is 2,100 baht(60 USD/55 Euro)/person including transportation pick-up at BTS Bangwa station exit 2 and return if you are in the areas close to any station: from Siam to Bangwa, and transportation pick-up at MRT Kamphaengphet exit 3 if you are in the area of any station from Sukhumvit to Chatuchak. Please contact us for more information with your area


First, the teacher will introduce to the basic Thai speaking for daily life with a book of basic speaking Thai language. You will finish two hour lesson with Dr. Somporn Han then Chef Alyssa Han will take you to the market visit close by. She will explain how to buy food in Thai and bargain the prices. You will learn not only buying food but experiencing the local market, talking to the vendors, and learning the local lifestyle in Thailand. The chef will prepare and cook each dish and you will follow along with her. The chef will of course help you and will make sure everyone understand the recipes and learn Thai language with the cooking session. 


We will finish with 3 course( 2 hands-on cooking and 1 dessert with Thai drink) of lunch or dinner for your party of 2-4 

Book a private Thai language & cooking class and see what we provide.


We provide (for basic speaking Thai language class)with a book of learning basic speaking Thai language, drinks and lunch/dinner


For the cooking class:

– The ingredients will be bought all from the market. We provide 4 sets of chopper and cut board, special seasoning/spices, home kitchen to cook with outdoor garden to eat like Thai, dinner ware plates, bowl, glasses, cutlery, pans, drinks (water, tea, Thai drinks)

Weekdays: from Monday to Friday. We can accommodate at least 2-4 people for a class. Weekend: Saturday/Sunday/Public holidays, please email to the chef at: alyssa@alyssahan.com /contact us for information for the classes to be opened

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