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     Travel Chef Tour

This is a fun and relaxing 2 days to get away from Bangkok. You will experience a floating market inside the mountain, cruising in Kaengkrachan Dam, paddling in Petchaburi river and learn how to cook local, country, Thai food inside the mountain at Chef country home in the local village.


1: Minimum of booking is for 2 people and maximum 4 people

2: Kids age from 5-11 years old is 50% off, age over 11 years old is charged at full price.      

Price: Baht 4,500 (1450USD)per person for bookings over 2-4 people, family with kids, please contact us

Start Time, Saturday, 9:00am pick up at the hotel

How: it is easy, please register your booking in the register form then pay the experience on



Registration Details: Please fill out!


Travel Chef Tour for 2 people at 9,000 baht, (4,500 baht,(145 USD/per person)

Booking more than 2 people, we will send your payment link on email!!!

Reservation and cancellation

Please, don’t cancel at the last minute as event are small group and we purchase fresh ingredients in portion size for every participant. We can’t do anything about it, but last minute cancellations really hurt our small business.

* Reserve for a class with minimum 1 day notice.
* Refund for more than 2 days(48 hours) cancellation (please send us notification by

* No refund for any cancellation less than 2 days(48 hours) before event. However we

  welcome you to send someone to replace you

* More information in details, please email: Alyssa@foodandartsbyalyssa.com

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