Food and Arts Class Is Permanently Closed

Food and Arts By Alyssa helps our tuk-tuk drivers increase their earning on Saturday & Sunday for the market tour and cooking classes with Chef Alyssa Han; please contact her and confirm of her availability here

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Shrimp salad with lotus stems


Anchan PhadThai with cowslip flowers


Stir fry tofu with lotus roots, nuts and chili jam dressing

Healthy Thai cooking with chef Alyssa and her creative Thai cooking on Saturday and Sunday; the recipes are more plant based cooking with healthy items of the meat like shrimp, fish fillet, and lean meat-no fat-

Saturday and Sunday: FoodAndArts on TukTuk (learning folding flowers on TukTuk and creative Thai cooking class plus flower market tour on the weekend with Chef Alyssa Han)


You can, again, use Line TD/Wechat ID to book cooking class prior to 1 day in advance. Please discuss also the menus that you like to cook from 1 starter + 1 main course? Please discuss with chef Alyssa on Wechat/Line.

TukTuk driver will pick you up and you can spend time on Tuktuk with chef Alyssa, she will teach you the art of folding lotus simply on the way to the flower market. She will guide you for a quick market tour at the flower market, pick up seasonal ingredients, and teach you how to cook them to your delicious cooking. 



starts at 9 am to 1pm 


Standard price without transportation for 1 group at 2 people minimum is baht 2,500 per person


Tuktuk's fee is 300 baht around Sathorn, Silom, Siam, and Begining of Sukhumvit. This is a round trip. The further area is subject to discuss for the additional fee. Again this is a project that we can support the TukTuk drivers and the vendor for post-pandemic of the Covid 19 as well.


For more information also can email to
Booking on Line and Wechat scan QR code here  


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Booking in English&Thai for both food delivery and cooking classes

Booking in Mandarin Chinese(在微信上预订送餐/烹饪班)

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