Experience local art of flower, Thai Cooking with A Twist!!!

Chef Alyssa Han is an experienced chef who turns her cooking studio to 'Food and Art' experiences inside the 'Bangkok Flower Market' which is located in the old city of Bangkok. As a Thai chef & foodie guide, she combines food & floral art with a market tour and caters at the Bangkok Flower Market where the traveler can discover Thai culture through food and art of flowers. The experience will provide you a fun time

of walking tour inside the market, making flower garland with your own creativity and cooking Thai food with ingredients that are available in the market.  

Bangkok is a creative city, use your creativity to make a garland and cook Thai food with the theme of "Flower Fun Thai Cooking & Floral Arts" with Chef Alyssa 

Come explore the famous Bangkok Flower Market with me and discover how flowers are used in Thai culture through a combination of Thai cooking & Thai floral arts activities.



You will explore the 24/7 flower market with me as we shop for flowers that we will use later in the workshop: lotus, jasmine, crown flowers, roses and see utensils making arts of flower.



Let's Cook! You will learn to cook 2 Thai dishes cooked with flowers from the market: one snack / dessert and one main dish (stir fry / curry). If you have preferences or dietary requirements let me know. Dishes can be adapted for vegetarians and dietary requirements.


Next it is time for floral arts! You will make 2 floral items: You will learn to fold lotus to make a lotus centerpiece and then you will learn to make a traditional Thai garland with a local vendor who has many years of experiences selling these arts of flower at Bangkok Flower Market.  



Dinner time! + Q&A Remarks: the itinerary may be slightly adapted on the day to best suit your needs.

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