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October 12, 2016          


" Eco-cooking getaways at the wining village of Thailand’s ecotourism"                                         

Discover native Thai cooking with the local villagers, farm visiting with Thai farmers, the living lifestyle of Thai villagers, and having a professional Thai chef as your guide


NONTHABURI - FoodAndArtsByAlyssa (FAB-A), has launched the ‘FAB-A Eco-cooking Getaways’ with a native Thai cooking class in an eco-friendly style linked to the environment, social responsibility, and village communities.


Chef Alyssa Han, the founder of FAB-A’s cooking events and getaways, joined hands with Ban Tham Sua, one of the best villages of ‘Ecotourism in Thailand’, has launched a village cooking class by a local villager, a farm visit by a local farmer, and local trips experiencing an authentic living lifestyle at one of the best examples of the village community, which is developing their own community to their sufficient earning by growing trees in the villages and turn this eco-friendly environment into a local tourist attraction in Thailand.


“As a Thai chef and a restaurateur coming back home from China and Europe after spending 10 years there, I believe many Thai cooking classes have been operated with the traditional styles with vegetable carvings that already create the eco-friendly gesture. The eco-cooking by the local villagers in the rural area with their homegrown vegetables and their farming by the local farmers on their lands is the additional element enhancing the entire ecological system for the local community. The combination of a native Thai cooking class, the art of food decoration in an eco-friendly style, social responsibility to the rural community, and ecotourism are new experiences for all the travelers around the world to discover through eco- cooking activities in Thailand”.


Says, Chef Alyssa Han, Founder of and Director of Sarvis PR company.


FAB-A Cooking Getaways is the CSR project that the villagers and the farmers can join to earn extra income by participating in the program, such as; being a guide at their own farm for a farm visit, having a cooking class with their local recipes and their home grown vegetables, welcoming the travelers to their village homes with local activities around the nature that they are living in.


The travelers will enjoy not only their interest in a native Thai cooking class but also the new experience of spending an authentic 2days-one- night trip to the sustainable village, Ban Tham Sua, and its local activities of ecotourism in Thailand.

Here is the video link: Meeting int he village@BanThamSua , of Ban Tham Sua and its local activities of ecotourism in Thailand.

Here is the link to FAB-A’s Eco-cooking getaways 


About Ban Tham Sua: one of the best 10 agricultural villages of Thailand’s ecotourism

Ban Tham Sua is one of the best 10 villages of the rural agricultural community with ecotourism in Thailand recently pronounced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.  Ban Tham Sua is a good example of the rural villagers and farmers, who have developed their own community to sufficient agriculture and turned the entire local community into a local tourist attraction, recently receiving the Kinaree Awards as the Best Local Tourist Attraction with Ecotourism from the Tourism Authority of Thailand ( TAT), Amphur KaengKraChan, Petchaburi province.


About FAB-A ( FoodAndArtsByAlyssa) is an online booking of the eco-cooking events and getaways which is recently launched and organized by Sarvis company owned by Alyssa Han-Lamrawee Hanpongpandh-, who has had more than 10 years of experience being a professional Thai chef, a restaurateur and a director of marketing communicator in overseas markets. FAB-A cooking events mainly combine eco-cooking classes with different kinds of art activities, social responsibility to the local community and nature. FAB-A cooking event has been featured on online cooking platforms such as, and, and upcoming 


For more information on FAB-A cooking events, please contact

Chef Alyssa Han(, +66988258420

Sarvis PR,56/85 Manthana Village, Soi. Wad Pra Ngen, Kanchanpisek Rd.,

Plaibang,  Bang Kruai, Nonthaburi 11130, website:

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